Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rainy autumn wishlist

Our Sahara summer is officially over, Glasgow has returned to it's familiar grey haze. The last week has seen 40mph winds and torrential rain...oh how I missed you, normal Scottish weather (not). Alas, with payday still a week away my A/W wardrobe isn't looking to great. I've been counting down the days until I can purchase a proper coat to see out the winter, I fear good ol' Ebay will be coming to my rescue soon.

In the meantime however, assuming I'll win the Euromillions on Tuesday, these items will be the first on my shopping cart...

EVE LOM rescue mask, £35

I've recently discovered a sample of EVE LOM's famed rescue mask in a pile of old beauty boxes I left under my bed and I've been kicking myself for not using it sooner. My skin has had a hard year with an attack of blemishes and dry patches. I tried out this mask one desperate night and woke up with a glowing, noticeably clearer complexion!

Pierrot dress, £79 Coco

Coco Fennell has become my new favourite UK designer. Her dresses are designed to flatter, with a classy retro twist and plenty of designs you just won't find anywhere else. The Pierrot design is my top pick from her new collection, hopefully it won't sell out to fast!

Louche Joanne trench coat, £89

I'm in desperate need for a nice warm coat but barely anything (affordable) has caught my eye yet. I do however love this black trench from Joy, unfortunately it's sold out online and my local store is terrible when it comes to stocking my size.

Diagonal stripe Bloomsbury umbrella, £40

I'm a sucker for anything by Lulu Guinness but I doubt I'll ever be able to afford one of her bags or suitcases on my own. Her umbrella's are much more within my price range and the designs are just stunning. I'm needing a big umbrella for walking to work during rainy days as the wind tends to destroy all my little cheap pockets ones. I feel this should be worth the investment!

Do you have any must-buy items for this Autumn?

Obligatory first post

I have always wanted to give blogging a proper attempt. I have countless abandoned spaces all over the web, from Live Journal to Tumblr but I never dedicated enough time and were usually products of procrastination during Uni.

I am obsessed with make-up and trying new beauty products, but aren't most bloggers? I spend most of my days lusting after new clothes and creating wish lists full of items I'll never afford on my current salary - so I plan on blogging about both. I'm a girl on a serious budget!

If you're reading this - thanks for visiting! Please get in touch if you want to swap links x